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Real Wife Stories – Lucia Love

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Lucia Love – Taking It Twice
Released: November 8, 2017

Lucia Love loves fooling around with her yoga students, especially when they’re hung like Danny. Unfortunately the horny duo is interrupted mid-fuck by Lucia’s husband Tony. Danny hides in the shower and is soon joined by Lucia, who lets him fuck her ass while her husband shaves a few feet away. Tony finishes up his shave and wants some action too, so Lucia sucks his big cock while Danny sneakily fucks her behind the shower curtain. Tony tells his loving wife to meet him in the bedroom, leaving Danny to finish on her face. Once he’s done she runs off to take it up the butt from her husband. Now that’s taking it twice!

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Real Wife Stories – Alektra Blue

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Alektra Blue – Swingers On Vacation: Part 2
Released: November 7, 2017
Alektra wasn’t sure about swinging with another couple, but her husband convinced her to give it a try. To her surprise she loved the experience… but now she can’t stop thinking about the other guy. With her husband occupied, Alektra sneaks over to Keiran’s room for round two. She wants this married man to do things she’d never let her husband do… Continue reading Real Wife Stories – Alektra Blue

Mommy Got Boobs – Diamond Foxxx

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Diamond Foxxx – Midnight Milk
Released: October 30, 2017

Diamond is having her son over for dinner when the doorbell rings. It’s Sean, her son’s best friend, who needs consoling after he and his girlfriend broke up. Diamond gives Sean a long hug and tells him it’ll be all right, then leaves the guys to hang out together. Later that night, she’s feeling restless and goes down to the kitchen in her robe to prepare some soothing warm milk, and gets startled by Sean, who’s looking for other nighttime comforts…

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