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XXX Multimedia – Leilani Lei

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Leilani Lei – Blackmailing Mommy
Released: December 07, 2017

I was rummaging through the old, boxed stuff in the attic when I came across Mommy’s little secret. It was a DVD that had the word “TABOO” written across it in big, white letters. I could have sworn that the picture on the cover looked just like her, so I threw it into the DVD player, and started watching it.Holy shit, my heart started racing. Mom was in…porn? The scene was so hot that I put my hand down my pants, but before I could start masturbating, Mom walked into the room. I didn’t try to hide it, but instead, welcomed her onto the bed to watch it with me. After all, I wasn’t the one who had a filthy secret. She immediately dropped the laundry basket, and tried to grab the remote from my hand. Hell no, I wouldn’t let her have it. Even if she grabbed the DVD itself, I had already made copies. She was freaking out. The best part is that I kept it running, and it made her feel so awkward because the scene involved fucking her “son.”

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