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Blacked – Anya Olsen

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Anya Olsen – Super Model Fantasize About BBC
Released: November 21, 2017

Anya has fulfilled many of her fantasies but she has always dreamed of sleeping with a hot black guy. it’s taken her a while to act on her fantasy, but she gets in touch with Jason who works at her office and surprises him with beautiful white lace lingerie and the desire to please him in every way possible. As he walks into the bathroom and sees her standing there, the anticipation hits new heights and she knows this is going to be something she will never forget.

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Fake Cop – Lili

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Lili – Slut so tight for policemans helmet
Released: February 01, 2016

I found out that there was a dirty little slut living in one of the flats above the high street. The rumor was that she liked to parade around with no underwear on. So I thought I should go and investigate. I knocked on her door and she was a little startled to see me in my full policeman’s uniform. I told her that I needed to talk to her about some crime realted news in her neighborhood. She invited me in and I immediately caught and eyeful of her little arse underneath her very short skirt. The rumors were right, She doesn’t wear underwear. She made me a cup of tea and we walked into her living room. She explained that she had been single for a while. She also confessed that she like to walk around with no underwear on in the hope that somebody would notice her and give her good seeing to. Well who was I to refuse this dirty little bitch’s needs. This little slut loved sucking on my toes and my big cock. She hardly said a word all the time my cock was in her mouth and pussy. Her mouth was so small it actually made my cock sore. However, this did not stop me from shooting my load all over her slutty little face.

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